>>>III<<<   Interview on Latvian radio

I am completely chuffed that Latvian media personality Ansis Bogustovs has published a 35-minute interview about our Artisans’ Exhibition. It’s in Latvian, and is called “Is a folk costume different if it is sewn elsewhere”. This seemingly trite question is not directly discussed in the interview, but themes of nationality and identity are. Traditional textile artisans Ārija Baumane and Aija Grosa, as well as master jeweller Atika Rea, talk about how their Latvian heritage has, or has not influenced their work. 

During the interview, both the interviewer Bogustovs and Latvian master weaver Maniņš, urge me to participate in the 100 year celebrations of Latvia in 2018. What a buzz! Who would have thought, that my career would take such a turn! 

Listen here http://lr1.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/21.-gadsimta-latvietis/vai-tautas-terps-ir-atskirigs-ja-to-suj-latvietis-kas-dzivo-citv.a79705/