About Vasara

Vasara Jewellery is a small Australian company headed by Ilze Svarcs, a design jeweller born in Melbourne, but now based in southern New South Wales. 

"Vasara" means "summer" in Latvian and Lithuanian, and it means "hammer" in Finnish. The word unites my two favourite activities: working at the jewellery bench and enjoying the outdoors. Summer is magic in Latvia with long, glorious days where daylight stretches to midnight. It’s my favourite time of year in Australia where nothing seems better than a swim and a campfire by a deserted beach or remote waterhole.

My jewellery tells stories. The stories come from my Australian present or from my Latvian heritage, the rich jewellery traditions of which reach back to pre-history. I work mainly in silver, but also in gold, bronze and copper. I also like to incorporate a contrasting soft element like amber or pearl.

Never heard of Latvia? 
Here's a good place to start

What do authenic Latvian folk costumes, jewellery ,textiles, furniture, etc look like? Check Latvju Raksti  This link is all in Latvian, but the images speak for themselves. The wealth of Latvian folk art is amazing!

Most of my adult life I have been a teacher:  teaching and learning is so much a part of me, that I doubt I will ever stop either.

Advanced Diploma Gold and Silversmithing
Diploma of Engineering Gold and Silversmithing
Master of Education
As well as many specialised jewellers’ and artisans’ courses and workshops.

Craft Victoria
The Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand Inc
Marine Rescue NSW

Voluntary Positions
Past and present teacher of Latvian and/or Jewellery, Australian Latvian Summer School, South Australia

Member of the Board of Directors of the non-profit body the Latvian Educational Advancement Cooperative Society Ltd , which manages the Australian Latvian community property Dzintari in South Australia http://dzintari.com.au/ 

Head of the Applied Arts Branch of the Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand (LAAJ Kultūras nodaļas Lietišķās mākslas nozares vadītāja)

Member and Former Chairperson of the Latvian Australian Artisans Association
(LDAA Latviešu Daiļamatnieku Apvienība Austrālijā)

Former organiser of 3x3 Latvian Culture Camp in Falls Creek

Former committee member of Latvian Australian Arts Festival