>>>III<<<   Amazing volunteers all!

The exhibition was a huge success. Hundreds of people came to the first Australian Latvian Culture Festival Applied Arts Exhibition in many years. Although this festival happens bi-annually, it has been so many years since there has been a crafts component, that no-one can remember when there was last such an event!

There were close to 50 artisans exhibiting from both Australia and Latvia, showcasing hundreds of pieces: archeological, traditional and modern. We ran a very successful market and a small café. The kitchen not only supplied the café, it also fed the exhibition staff of up to 12 people, every day.  

And you know what? It was all done by volunteers! There were around 40 people who gave up their time: during the Christmas break, during the attractive Australian summer, during the super culture festival, which is chock-full of other attractive events, to run this event. Not one of us is paid. All of us working hard, in sometimes very stressful situations. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Thanks to the members of the Latvian Australian Artisans’ Association who were the core of the workers, but a super special thanks to the friends, husbands and supporters who donated their efforts during this so very hectic tine of the year. You are all the heroes of this magic event!