>>>III<<<   Teaching at Summer School

Hubby and I spent another January working at the Australian Latvian Summer School in South Australia. It’s great to be amongst people who want to spent their summer teaching and learning! Check the jewellery and the wood workshops ready for the first students. I taught cuttlefish casting, as I had collected giant cuttlefish bones from the coast of the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. Students and adults alike loved watching metal turn to liquid and then morph into their unique piece of jewellery.  I enjoyed encouraging the students to appreciate this Australian animal’s beautiful textures, and use these to enhance the designs of their Latvian archaeology-inspired amulets.

Note that there is little official time allocated to crafts within the busy summer school schedule. The keen learners come to the workshops during their free time or after hours to ensure they complete their projects. I love seeing the joy in their eyes of making something unique with their own hands!

Jan, 2019